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Effective marketing for a personal trainer and how to do it

Nowadays, almost all over the world, healthy lifestyle, exercising in the gym and doing sports is gaining popularity. There are more and more people who want to look healthy and attractive, and as a result, the demand for personal trainers is increasing. That said, there are also more people signing up for courses and looking to grow their own business as a personal trainer.
Unfortunately, however, not everyone succeeds in winning customers and building up their brand. Why?
Often the fault lies in inability to reach customers and poor marketing. We would like to introduce you to some tips that may be helpful in this regard.
To get customers, first and foremost you need to be visible to them!

Your own website

One way to show yourself to a wider audience is to create your own website. You can think of a website as your business card. There are a few key pieces of information that you should put on your site - one of which is where you offer your services. If you prefer online workouts, you should also write about that.
Another thing is information about you - what kind of training do you do? What certifications and diplomas do you have? What schools and courses have you completed?
It's also worth adding a photo of yourself. A personal trainer's appearance has a big impact on a client's decision, so remember to smile! :)
Your site should also have a contact tab where they can find your email address and phone number. It is a very good idea to add links to your social media or other platforms that you use.
It is often a good idea to blog on your website as well. You can post interesting facts and information about meals, exercise and healthy living there. This way, people interested in similar topics after visiting your blog may be eager to use your services. The "before and after" photos of the makeover are also of great interest. Clients seeing the progression of your other mentees will definitely be more interested in working with you.

Google Ads

If you already have a website, Google Ads can be another way to get customers. Imagine your potential customer and try to think like them. What keywords will they use? What will they type into the search engine? Think well and start with general phrases and then tweak them to reach the right audience.
If you offer services related to a specific location, one of the most effective advertising strategies is to base your efforts on local targeting. This ensures that advertising is concentrated in one region. A well planned and executed advertising campaign gives amazing results.

Social Media

The most powerful tool in marketing today is social media. Professional personal trainers use not only Facebook or Instagram, but also TikTok, Snapchat and other smaller platforms. Try a few out and decide for yourself where you feel most comfortable.
On Facebook, you can set up your fanpage and a group where you can answer questions and give advice to your clients or people who follow you. The same is goes for Instagram. You can add your photos, videos and testimonials where you do exercises or explain a topic. Live chat is another good idea where you can connect with the people. With this kind of engagement, you can build a relationship with your community. This will cause people who are watching you to feel engaged and come back to you regularly for new content.
Remember that in addition to your photos, the metamorphoses of your pupils will definitely attract the attention of new customers.
It's worth thinking carefully about what kind of content you want to post. Try to think of something that will make you stand out. It could be some thing that you become an expert at or something that others don't do. Create a schedule for yourself and try to manage your time so that you publish content on your social media regularly.
If you're having trouble with that, you can help yourself with software for personal trainers that will allow you to organize your day and your clients.
We recommend trying out Fitsy app for free. You'll be able to spent the time you save on planning and breaking down your workouts for things like your social media and marketing!

Software for personal trainers

The Fitsy app allows you to create a public profile as a personal trainer. This profile is displayed in the search engine in the application and on our website
This is a very easy way to increase your potential customer base and be visible online. It is worth mentioning that having your public profile costs nothing and you can register very easily using Facebook, Google or simply by using your email address!
This makes it easy for clients who use the app to find and contact their personal trainer. In addition to a search engine, the app has a built-in client-personal trainer chat and the ability to upload exercises, diets, plans and more. It also allows you to stay in constant contact and monitor your client's progress.

Not just online!

Online marketing is the key, but you can get many clients offline as well. At gyms and fitness clubs, people often make mistakes - this can be a good opportunity to connect. You can offer your help, free trial training or consultations. If you manage to impress someone this way, you may get a new client. Some people feel lost at the gym and will make contact with you on their own - you just need to stand out. Even a simpleT-shirt with "personal trainer" printed on it can be a good idea!

The word of mouth and recommendations

If your customers are satisfied with your services you can ask them to give you feedback on your fanpage, Google Maps, your website and other places where it's possible.
Often, new clients will come to you through referrals - so it is very important that you keep up a good relationship with your clients. After training with you, they should feel happy and satisfied. Then not only will they come back, but they might recommend you to their friends.

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