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TOP 5 whole-body exercises that we recommend

Probably every sports person would like to improve their performance, build strength and endurance, and at the same time burn a lot of calories and build a strong, muscular physique. Is there a way to do it all in one go? Yeah. Compound exercises that work the muscles of the entire body come to the rescue. Here are 5 exercises to add to your workout plan:

1. Deadlift

The deadlift is one of the three most popular exercises in building strength along with the bench press and squat. It is also one of the competitions in powerlifting. This is a compound exercise that involves lifting a barbell from the ground to hip height without using any momentum. In the final position, both knees and back should be straight. Although it seems simple, it is one of the more technically difficult exercises. We recommend starting by lifting light weights and developing a proper movement pattern. Special attention should be paid to the starting position and the position of the back during the movement. You also need to remember not to bend your knees forward too much during the downward bend and not to go down on your feet. The deadlift is an extremely effective way to build strength, as it engages all muscle groups to work. It works on the whole body, especially on the muscles of the hamstrings and glutes, muscles of the lower back and shoulders, as well as the core (stabilizing) muscles. Additionally, it strengthens our grip. There are many variations of the deadlift. Each of them we perform slightly differently thanks to which we engage slightly different muscle groups. Deadlift is a great exercise for building muscle mass and strength and for this reason you should include it in your training plan.

Check out our video to see what a proper deadlift looks like:

2. Barbell Squat

The squat is a versatile compound exercise that works multiple muscles at the same time. During this exercise, the lower part of the body, in particular the quadriceps muscles of the thighs, become most involved. Side muscles such as the hamstrings and glutes are also activated. In addition, maintaining a stable position forces the core, back and abdominal muscles to work. This all makes squats a great exercise for building overall body strength.
The undoubted advantage of squats is also a lot of training variants, which you can adjust to your needs and abilities. We can use barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells or do squats without weight - the last option is good for people who are just starting their adventure with the gym. Popular variations include squats with a barbell in front (called front squats), sumo squats, half squats, or Bulgarian squats. Each variant works slightly different muscle groups and has different uses, but the king remains the squat with a barbell on the back. When performing the exercise, be sure to choose the correct load and correct exercise technique.
We recommend checking out this exercise in the video below:

3. Barbell Bench Press

The flat bench press is a very popular exercise in gyms. It focuses on the muscles of the upper body. It's a very good way to build strength and size in your chest muscles. It also engages the triceps and shoulders, especially the front head. The flat bench press is a staple of many training plans. It is an essential part of building upper body strength. Additionally, as a compound exercise it is crucial in building muscle mass.

4. Pull-Up

The pull-up is a popular exercise that uses your own body weight. It is one of the basic and most effective exercises for developing the muscles of the upper body, especially the back and shoulders. This exercise also strengthens our core muscles, shaping the correct figure and posture. A great advantage of this exercise is that we only need a bar to perform it. This allows us to exercise not only in a gym or fitness club, but also in open outdoor gyms or even playgrounds and in our own home!

5. Standing Barbell Overhead Press

Overhead press (OHP or Military Press) is a compound exercise used to build muscle mass and shoulder strength. It also works the arms, triceps muscles, and core muscles that are responsible for maintaining a stable position. This is a very difficult exercise but is an integral part of the upper body or full-body oriented workout. The Overhead Press is one of the best exercises for any person who wants bigger and wider shoulders. Performed correctly, it poses no threat to the spine or shoulder girdle; on the contrary, it can strengthen the core muscles.

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